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Speckled Soccer classes are 45 minutes in length and incorporate physical, social, cognitive, and soccer skills learning into each and every class. 

Our weekly sessions are planned with 5-6 games incorporating warm up and no-ball play, small kick drills, big kick practice, shooting games, and intro to soccer matches for our older groups.

Memberships are for 10 consecutive weeks (excluding holiday closures).


Each pre-planned game/activity is delivered with specific milestone objectives which are age-appropriate and encompass our pillars of learning to ensure our little players are building a variety of skills. From physical literacy to colour recognition, team play and waiting turns to spatial awareness and body manipulation, our soccer stars are learning more than just soccer.

Physical Literacy

Overall physical literacy incorporates four protocols including: engagement in physical activity, physical competence, knowledge & understanding, and motivation & confidence.

Speckled Soccer activities aim to foster these four levels of learning through fun and engaging games which support the building of these skills and motivations. Our program seeks to ensure little ones stay active for life with fundamental movement skills built into our foundation. 

Social Skills

While communication skills begin early for little ones, social skills are built between the ages of 1 and 5 years old. It is at these ages where children not only learn to play and interact with one another, but they also learn to seek out assistance from new people (our coaches!). Toddlers and young children start to understand emotions, show interest in group play, physically award others (high fives and hugs), and share in activities and imaginative play. 

Speckled Soccer fortifies social learning through interactive games, introducing social cues and norms, and bolstering our childrens' needs for interaction.



It is no secret that children learn through play. They explore, experiment, make mistakes, and interpret results from interactions which form long-lasting memories and communication skills. Being given the freedom to forge their own understanding is vital for children to be part of large scale play activities and smaller independent challenges.

Speckled Soccer sessions and games are built with specific objectives and learning goals including colour recognition, counting, sequencing, sorting, decision making, and so much more!

Soccer Fundamentals

Referencing the Long Term Player Development goals of the Active Start program, our Speckled Soccer sessions ensure we are helping little ones with small, guided games, coordination, technique, and movements.

Each session and game promotes multi-touch activities where children are actively encouraged to touch the ball as much as possible, small and big kicks, body manipulation (running, jumping, moving backwards), and loads of opportunities to move and play within their comfort zones.


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