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As with any new company, we are sure you have lots of questions! Emily and Connor are always available to chat about any questions, or even suggestions, you may have but have added some common questions recently received below.


What is the difference between a membership & a class card?

Our soccer program runs year round and is available in 10 week, termed memberships. The 10 weeks are consecutive player weeks (excluding holiday closures) and, as long as there is still space in the class, your 10 weeks can start at any time.

Conversely, our class cards are specific to Music&Movement and Art classes (coming back soon!). The cards allow you to book into any Music or Art class when you are available and allow for absences as per your schedule. The 5 class card is valid for 8 weeks and 10 class card for 15 weeks, giving you flexibility in attendance.

What age group should my child enter for soccer?

Baby soccer is a great first introduction to not only soccer but group play. This age group is aimed at babies aged 18-30 months.

Toddler soccer is for little ones who are 2 years old, up to 3 years old. That said, not all 2 year olds are ready for this class and may benefit from joining the baby class until they are 2.5. Similarly, not all children are ready to move up to the Kids Soccer class (3 years old) and would benefit from staying with the Toddler group.

The Kids Soccer classes are geared toward children aged 3 and 4 years old. This class allows for more hands-off parenting, independent play, and intro to soccer matches.

If your child will be 'aging up' during a 10 week membership, please speak to Speckled Frogs about registering in the next age group.

What happens if my child is sick and cannot attend class?

For our Music&Movement and Art children, your class cards allow for illness and we encourage you to skip that week. If you have already booked the class, please inform us no less than 90 minutes before class to receive the class credit back on your card. Unfortunately, last minute cancellations and no-shows will not be credited.

For our 10-week soccer memberships, we understand that illnesses are a common occurrence and we will ensure that your child does not miss out due to sickness. We will allow a maximum of 2 make up classes immediately following your membership end date. Please speak with Connor or Emily about make up classes.

I would like to enroll both my children, can we have a discount?

Our 5 and 10-Class cards are available for family use and can be used to book multiple children into class. Siblings under the age of 1 may come for free.

If you would like to enroll a sibling into soccer classes, we will offer a 10% discount for the sibling's registration.

In fact, Speckled Frogs members will receive a 10% discount on party and event services as well!

When will you offer infant classes?

Infant classes and mommy playdates are on our radar! We have been working to figure out timing and schedules so that we can offer these beneficial classes. Please keep an eye out for 'Baby's Day Out' and 'Mommy's Night Out' sessions coming soon!

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